While talking to my friend and explaining my goals he described me as 'intensely focused' to a point where I am not enjoying living today. Adults in my age range seemly live to share how much fun they are living via various forms of social media. I have never been much for sharing what I do with others so this does not appeal to me but I do enjoy having fun and discovering new experiences. With my current goals of getting financially stable and paying student loans, these experiences has been far from my first priority. Placing this on the back burned has taken a serious toll on my significant other. To give her relief, from time to time we enjoy short weekends out of town with a higher than normal budget where we can just enjoy ourselves and go out to eat where ever we want. This path of thought brought me to a conclusion: I am not impulsive; I am hyper-impatient.

My girlfriend is impulsive and wants a vacation ASAP. I am impatient and want my financial stability so I can have vacations whenever I want. The difference between our views might lie in my strong belief of our bright future and her lack of vision of what our future can become.

I will have spent my entire 20's going to college and then paying it back. Sacrifices such as having nights out with friends and experiencing vacations were the cost of catapulting myself towards a great financial future. Today, about to turn 27, there is nothing I want more than to start saving 80% of every check for a house down payment, starting a travel savings, and preparing for the next step in my relationship and possibly starting a family. By not making my current goals of paying of the 6% student debt, the next 30 years of life will be that much lower. I gave all my 20's and refuse to have anything less than 100% of what I deserve so I will keep paying for it today.

A vacation this year would be nice but every month I am not focused on my goal puts me behind 2-3 months. I do not want a vacation this year; I want a vacation every 5 months starting a year from now.