Just over a month ago I obtained my first Google Home Mini. As a user of virtually every Google product, I was really looking forward to learning how beneficial it could be. Starting off just listening to music using just voice control was great. Skipping, restarting a song, finding a random play list. Any solution that prevents me using a phone to control is my perfered method. The form factor is small and non-intrusive which allows it to just be there where ever you place it. After about a week I found the feature that was made for me.

I watch a TON of video content from racing to anime which is mostly casted to my Chromecast attached to my tv. The YouTube integration for Google Home is top notch. There are a couple of content creators I watch regularly and for those I can watch them anytime by saying "Play the latest Bradly Martyn video." Not having to browse the mobile app and getting distracted by other functions on your phone is cool but the Google Home starts streaming instantly. On your phone, you press the cast icon then wait for cast-able devices then select then play. The Home has the video playing on your tv in under a second. When you want to leave the room and need to pause the chromecast, unlock your phone and wait for the cast notification on your phone to appear(which is flakey) or "Hey Google, pause chromecast." Some videos or tv shows have intro sections that you want to skip regularly. "Hey Google, skip the video 95 seconds" it does it instintaniously. Missed something and want to rewind just say "Restart the video" or "Rewind 30 seconds."

Google has always had the best voice recognition software and it really shines while interacting with a Home. Being able to control the Chromecast via voice has me abandoning my smart tv apps in favor for casting everything from my phone then controlling with my voice. It is effortless and just works.