The love of my life, Rena (pronounced Renee), had a little dog named Tobie. On December 3rd of 2018 he passed away just shy of his 5th birthday. He was not a pet; he was a major part of this family.

Tobie and I first met a couple of days after Rena received him from her father. He literally fit in the palm of my hand and looked like a fuzzball. The three of us went to an Asian food market and we both stayed in the car. While staying in the car for ten minutes both of us talked and played and that was my first impression of Tobie. Like any other puppy, he was as happy and playful as can be with energy to burn. This was the beginning of our wonderful relationship.

In the early days, Rena and I would talk over video chat regularly and Tobie was always close by whether it be asleep or playing with his yellow duck. Watching them play and seeing their excitement made me happy and whenever I wanted to talk to them I just repeated Tobie's name rapidly over and over until he looked at the phone then cocked his head just slightly. "Tobie Tobie Tobie Tobie Tobie Tobie Tobie!" This quickly became the way we got his attention over the phone. He really enjoyed it.

[tobies head sideways]

Bay Bay is my dog that lives at my parents house. Tobie and him spent time together at my parents house and occasionally when we went to the park for walks. Their interactions together we minimal but they respected each other and eventually accepted they were family. Bay Bay kind of pretended Tobie wasn't there and Tobie sometimes bumped into Bay Bay because he rarely pays attention to where he is going. Sleeping on the same couch or bed was easy for them and they never fought over blankets and pillows. When it came to giving affection, they both needed it at the same time. Bay Bay loved Tobie's toys because they always squeaked when his did not.

Immediately after moving in with Rena and Tobie, our relationship began to grow rapidly. Every morning when Rena was getting ready for work he would snuggle up to me until it was time for me to get ready. When I finished it was time for our morning walk. I took Tobie every morning so he could us the restroom. It was our bonding time. Putting on his harness by asking him for his leg and he lifted it every time. On out walks, for some reason he liked pooping in the tall grass in front of the apartment complex. It was common place for him to poop every two walks. We frequently ended up with the sandwich bags we used as "poop bags" in all of our pockets and found them throughout the day reminding us of the walks he didn't "need to go". Being a 5 lbs dog, his poops where as small as you would expect. Sometimes the size of jelly beans and sometimes we plain couldn't locate them. If they were too small we would just fake bending over to pick it up and say "yep we are going to keep this one" and put the unused sandwich bag back in our pocket as to not waste one. He never wanted to walk past a parked car that was on or a passing resident in the hallway.

Everyday after work, I was greeted by Tobie jumping at the end of the couch simply asking for one hug. ONE HUG specifically. After that hug was over with he ran right back to lay down with Rena. It was the highlight of my day.

At night time Tobie laid on the bottom corner of Rena's side of the bed. That was his spot you could always rely on him to be. If you called him he would come see you for a few minutes then return to his spot.

Any time we had the opportunity to take Tobie on a car ride we would. We always felt he was lonely after going from a house that has another dog to only us being able to entertain him.

Bay Bay, Tobie, and Rena

His personality was very reminiscent of Rena. They both avoid affection but give it when its necessary. For a person so small, Tobie had some of the wettest sneezes possible. After he sneezes you would be required to wipe your phone, computer, or arm because of how much moisture came out of his tiny nose.

Not being much of a toy person, Tobie has a small amount of toys that he loved more than anything. A zebra he slept on with his mouth over it as he needed. A yellow duck he has since he was a baby. A bear I bought his recently that he really adored. Whenever we bought him a yellow duck he took to it instantly. I don't know why but they were his favorites. It might have something to do with the one yellow duck he has since he was a baby.

Tobie, we love you.