The Game Awards show is not something I really care for or pay attention to but last night was an exception. Kinda Funny's very own Greg Miller, one-half of the coolest dudes in video games, was nominated for the Trending Gamer award. With rivals such as PewDiePie and last years winner TotalBiscuit, no one expected a win from the "other guy." So how did the underdog beat two personalities with 40M and 2M subscribers? With passion.

Several years ago I started listening to podcast starting with IGN's PlayStation centric Beyond! There was this one guy on there that had a large personality and spoke very loudly. Over the course of his venture at IGN he became the face of PlayStation. I progressively became a fan of his. During late 2014 I was finishing school I stopped listening to the show because of the stress and workload of finishing college. Earlier this year I decided to catch back up with my old pals and to my surprise they had left IGN and started a new company called Kinda Funny. I, like many other Beyond! fans, started to pay attention to both sources regularly. This group's love is deeper than PlayStation. This group is about the passion of games and the community around them, the Best Friends. We are not passive. We support the content creators that we love. When I started listening to Beyond! PlayStation wasn't my main platform but I just really clicked with that whole group and the way they thought about games. That is why their following has such an incredible percentage of engagement with their following.

Then comes his respect of the industry...

I went to college and graduated for game software development. While studying I learned more about the industry and the toll it takes on families and relationships. The closer graduation became, the more I realized that this was not something I wanted to deal with throughout my career. There are many colleagues of mine that are in or have been in the game industry with stories that would wear mentally on anyone. Passion drove some to continue while others chose family. Greg Miller's acknowledgement of the sacrifice many must endure to give us or entertainment was long overdue. I don't believe any of the other nominees could has showcased this type of respect for everyone that contributes to our love as he did. The nod to the Crystal Dynamics' great game Tomb Raider with was sent out to die with the same release date as Fallout 4 and a timed exclusive was brilliant as well.

Greg, thank you, Nick, Tim, Colin and Kevin for everything that you do for Kinda Funny. The Best Friends will be with you every step of the way.

PS I Love You XOXO

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