Overnight I received a major spike in traffic on Nin.codes. At first I believed it to have been a small attack on the site. It was only 3000 hits so nothing major. Later in the day I saw this number grow to 5000+ and noticed a referral website that I am very familiar with; it was DualShockers. DualShockers is a major gaming news outlet that covers the industry as a whole.  For a small fry like myself this is a great accomplishment. My website is useful enough for a major publication to report on it. Neat. I would like to thank Travis Verbil for the write up and a huge thanks for the visibility it has given my website. It was created to help the community and it seems to be serving that purpose well. After the initial launch nad Reddit postings of Nin.codes I saw regular traffic daily of around 20 new visitors. With this traffic spike being so large it is exciting to see how this will reflect in the normal daily traffic. Check out the article by Travis Verbil on DualShcokers.